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SP Tutors to offer summer tuition

SP Tutors is working in conjunction with schools and the National Tutoring Programme to offer tuition in the summer holidays to boost pupil progress and benefit those who have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19 and school lockdowns.

Our tutors are trained in evidence-informed techniques as guided by the Education Endowment Federation (EEF), that include: 

High-quality tuition from SP Tutors adds capacity to schools and staff, easing the burden on schools and supporting schools in helping target those pupils who need it most.   

Targeting transition

Give incoming Year7s the best start by combining summer school fun with targeted tuition. Combine summer school funding with NTP subsidised tuition to offer pupils a week in school that will give them the best possible start to their secondary school journey. 

Wraparound care 

Utilise the opportunity of wraparound care already being provided in school through holiday clubs or partner up with sports offerings to create a meaningful week of tuition, wellbeing and sport activities. Where pupils are already in school for summer childcare, add value with targeted tuition designed to fill in gaps in knowledge, cement their learning and prepare them for the year ahead. 

Summer booster sessions 

Online at home or face-to-face tutoring in school aimed specifically at boosting progress. This could be in a single subject or adopting a multi-disciplinary approach.  

For further information or to discuss the opportunities for summer tuition, please email ehooper@sptutors.co.uk

Pupils leaving primary school this year may have missed a significant proportion of key stage 2 face-to-face teaching and therefore missed valuable preparation for secondary education. They are likely to need additional support with English and maths, for example, to make it easier for them to access the secondary curriculum. A summer school gives an opportunity to offer that face-to-face support before they start a new school. 

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