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Schools Partnership Tutors (SP Tutors) is building on its success in the first year of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) by gaining approved Tuition Partner status for a further three years. Affiliated with Unity Schools Partnership, a multi-academy trust of 30 schools across primary, secondary and special sectors in the East of England, SP Tutors builds upon the trust’s proven success in raising the attainment of disadvantaged

“Thank you and well done for the impact of your work, particularly in the face of all the uncertainty and lockdown of the past school year.”

Tim Coulson, CEO, Unity SP

SP Tutors’ mission remains unchanged: to provide high-quality and evidence-informed tutoring which supplements great teaching in schools. It is the only NTP approved tutoring partner established by schools, for schools.

Why SP Tutors?

Guided by Unity Pupil Premium Adviser Marc Rowland and the Education Endowment Foundation, SP Tutors’ priority is guiding pupils in developing effective learning behaviours and explicitly teaching subject-specific vocabulary and reading skills. SP Tutors will continue to provide high-quality tutors for schools, via the NTP route. This includes working with schools to source tutors, with schools who already have tutors known to them and supporting schools with school-led tutoring.

All tutors receive training developed by teachers and education experts across the Unity Research School Network.

As the new academic year starts, SP Tutors is looking forward to collaborating with schools, accelerating progress for disadvantaged pupils and empowering all learners to fulfil their potential.

contact-us@sptutors.co.uk Tel: 01440 333110

All pupils participating in tutoring with SP Tutors will receive one year’s free subscription to PupilKnowHow, an app funded and approved by the DfE. PupilKnowHow provides a library of offline, interactive resources in the core curriculum, wellbeing and metacognition. Pupils
complete tasks set by the tutor between tutoring sessions and benefit from the learning resources long after their block is completed.

In Year Two of the NTP, SP Tutors is excited to offer packages of support to schools engaging in the newly available NTP route, school-led tutoring:
support includes recruitment of high-quality,
experienced tutors; additional evidence-informed
training; administrative support by professionals
within the Unity Schools Partnership network.

“Using SP Tutors has allowed us to support some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils. It has allowed us to tap in to the government’s tutor funding so that we can make our budget go further. The team have always been on hand to answer my questions and support with the process of setting up the blocks and sessions. We are already seeing the impact of tutoring and it’s only been a few weeks. The pupils are engaged and confident in the sessions.”

Melanie Moore, Headteacher
Ditton Lodge Primary School

From as little as £5.88 per pupil, per hour

Each 15 hour tuition block costs schools £264.38 +VAT. This represents 30% of the total block price of £881.25, with the remaining 70% subsidised by the NTP. As end users, schools pay VAT on the total block price. The VAT can be recovered in the usual way.

£5.88 per pupil, per hour is based on a 15 hour block, 1:3 ratio, excluding VAT, with NTP subsidy applied.