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Thank you for the interest you have shown in the development of this tutor agency. Schools Partnership Tutors is a collaborative of schools working together to make effective use of the 75% Government discount on tutoring available through the National Tutoring Programme. 

We are due to submit an application in two weeks. We have to identify:

  • geographic areas we expect tutors to work in
  • year groups schools will use tutors in
  • approximately how many hours of tutor time we are looking to provide schools at the 75% discounted price

Our model is that, where appropriate, schools identify tutors they would want to use and encourage them to register with us. We will do checks and provide training, then schools pay only 25% of the costs of their time. We think a 15-hour intervention for 3 students, after the discount, will cost a school £190.  

For schools who do not already have tutors they would like to recommend to us, we will have built a database of carefully chosen, trained tutors to select from. We are sending you a survey in this email to assess, without commitment, what number of tutor hours you think you might like to have this academic year, through this tutor agency. Should we be approved for fewer hours than for which we have demand, we expect to prioritise those schools who have worked with us on the application, including completing this survey.