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Summer Tuition as part of Wraparound Care

SP Tutors is working in conjunction with schools and the National Tutoring Programme to offer tuition in the summer holidays to pupils who have been disadvantaged by school closures.

Utilise the opportunity of wraparound care already being provided in school through holiday clubs or partner up with sports offerings to create a meaningful week of tuition, wellbeing and sport activities. 

Where pupils are already in school for summer childcare, add value with targeted tuition designed to fill in gaps in knowledge, cement their learning and prepare them for the year ahead. 

Offer summer holiday wraparound provision with an academic focus.

Up to 4 months additional progress can be made within a 15 hour block of small group tuition.

Our tutors are trained in evidence-informed strategies that align with guidance from the Education Endowment Federation (EEF), that include: 

Using our tutors adds capacity to school staff and assists parents with summer holiday wrap-around care whilst providing an academic focus to usual summer activities.

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Pupil benefits: 

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Address gaps in learning focusing on a single subject or taking a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Significantly boost progress – evidence shows just 15 hours of small group tuition can boost progress by 4 months 
  • Manage anxiety levels in advance of the return to school in September  
  • Positively impact pupil and parent wellbeing 

School benefits: 

  • Access NTP subsidies for the most cost effective provision
  • Using tutors adds capacity and eases the burden on existing staff and school resources 
  • Positive effect on school/community relationships – keeping children occupied during summer holidays with productive activities
  • Pupils return in September equipped with better learning strategies, primed for the year ahead
  • Rebuild year group communities following lockdown

“ We are so pleased we opted to set up our tuition through SP tutors. SP were always fast and flexible and their professional and personal response mean that we already feel we know the central team!”

Kate Frood, Headteacher, Eleanor Palmer Primary School

To request a call-back for an informal discussion regarding summer tuition, please email ehooper@sptutors.co.uk