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Why choose SP Tutors?

SP Tutors provides high-quality tutoring to supplement schools’ curricula and teaching to accelerate progress, improve attendance and support wellbeing.

SP Tutors adds capacity to schools through additional teaching and administrative support; making best use of funding to achieve more than others think possible.

Evidence-informed, high-quality tutors

We provide high-quality and evidence-informed tutoring to supplement high-quality teaching in schools. Our work is underpinned by the best bets from evidence-informed practice, led by colleagues at Unity Research School.

SP Tutors are the only NTP approved tutoring partner created by schools for schools.

Our priorities are:

  • teaching effective learning behaviours (metacognition and self-regulated learning)
  • teaching subject-specific vocabulary and reading skills.

Pupil Premium and curriculum experts’ support

SP Tutors are the only NTP-approved Tuition Partner created by schools, for schools. We are proud to be part of Unity Schools Partnership, a family of over 30 primary, secondary and special schools in the East of England. Unity Schools Partnership includes Unity Research School and Unity Teaching School Hub, giving SP Tutors access to leading experts in Pupil Premium and educational research.

What are the first steps for my school to start tutoring?

SP Tutors are run by schools for schools, so we understand the demands of busy schools and central teams. We work hard to reduce administrative burdens and highlight how schools can maximise funding streams to get tutoring in front of pupils as quickly as possible.

Here are some helpful first steps to consider:

  1. Assign a Key Teacher to coordinate tutoring in school – they’ll should be organised, understand pupils’ needs, engage well with parents / carers and will benefit from additional time for the role.
  2. Consider where tutoring will take place: the same room each time helps.
  3. What will the tutoring timetable look like?
  4. Identify a Finance Lead to support the Key Teacher (ie someone who completes the Census or budgets), this will help with funding and contracts.
  5. Make sure class teachers are aware that they’ll be linking in with tutors for feedback and curriculum planning – they may benefit from some additional time for this.

How does my school sign up for tutoring?

Register via the SP Tutors’ website, or send a Direct Order via the NTP website, an Account Lead will then contact you to arrange a discovery call. This call, via telephone or Teams, helps us to best understand your schools’ needs. We identify your funding streams and develop a plan using, where appropriate, both the NTP Tuition Pillar and school-led tuition funding.

Register online at www.sptutors.co.uk

We arrange a discovery call.

A tuition plan is co-created, maximising use of funding.

SP Tutors sends a contract to your school. You check, sign and return the contract.

You’re ready!