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SP Tutors is delighted to confirm that the success of the hard work of our schools and tutors over the past year has been recognised by sharing the news that we have been approved as an NTP Tuition Partner for a further three years.

SP Tutors was established by schools, for schools, and our mission to support schools in helping pupils remains unchanged. We will continue to work both with schools who are looking to us to source tutors for them, and with schools who already have tutors known to them. All tutors, regardless of how they come to work for us, will receive the same ongoing training and access to valuable resources through our unique app, TutorKnowHow.

New for 2021/22, in order to further support pupils to build positive relationships to learning, SP Tutors has developed a pupil learning app, designed for online and offline use between tutoring sessions. PupilKnowHow provides learning opportunities for a variety of subjects, and tools for pupils to support them with wellbeing, self-regulation and metacognitive strategies. Tutors and/or class teachers can monitor pupil wellbeing and self-perceptions and tailor tutoring sessions to address pupil need. This innovative app is included in our tutoring package – each eligible pupil receives one year’s licence which means the benefits continue far beyond tutoring.

As the new school year starts, we look forward to collaborating with schools once again on such an important task as helping children, particularly disadvantaged children, make progress they missed during the pandemic.

Thank you and well done for the impact of your work, particularly in the face of all the uncertainty and lockdown of the past school year.

Tim Coulson, director, schools partnership tutors