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What is PupilKnowHow?

PupilKnowHow is an offline, interactive and mobile app that supplements high quality teaching and tutoring in the core curriculum, metacognition and wellbeing for children aged 6 to 16 years old. Developed to support remote self-study for all pupils, but particularly those socio-economically disadvantaged by providing well-structed modules with offline resources – so literally anytime, anywhere learning support.

Who created PupilKnowHow?

PupilKnowHow was created by SP Tutors in collaboration with Anspear digital publishing.  The project was funded using a Digital Development Grant awarded by the Department for Education, monitored and evaluated by NESTA and the Centre for Education and Youth (CfEY).   To learn more about the success of PupilKnowHow and the Digital Development Grant with NESTA, visit: https://www.nesta.org.uk/blog/developing-digital-tutoring-solutions-what-we-learned/

What does PupilKnowHow do?

PupilKnowHow delivers offline learning resources in maths, English and science, wellbeing and metacognition.  Upon request, PupilKnowHow can also provide specialist resources for learners with additional needs and children who are looked after by the local authority. 

Coupled with tutoring with SP Tutors, PupilKnowHow supports learning and engagement between tuition sessions and underpins metacognitive strategies to deepen pupils relationship with learning.

What is the price of PupilKnowHow?

  • SP Tutors are including the PupilKnowHow annual subscription for pupils for free as part of the 15-hour block of tutoring
  • Pupils will have access to their SP Tutors’ PupilKnowHow app to provide continuity between tutoring sessions.  The PupilKnowHow subscription will be available for 12 months after the pupil begins tutoring, maximising the value of tutoring both in and out of school.


  • Learning Management System for teachers and schools will be available soon
  • Schools can choose to purchase licenses for other pupils in their classes.

Please enquire for further details on package prices.

How can PupilKnowHow support learning in school?

PupilKnowHow’s interactive learning management system allows teachers and tutors to track pupil progress, including performance, completion of tasks and self-evaluation.  Tutors set tasks on PupilKnowHow as part of their intervention in between tutoring sessions, or work on group tasks during tutoring sessions. Tutors use the learning management system to collaborate with teachers on pupils’ progress.

What is the ‘Readiness for Learning’ survey?

When pupils begin using PupilKnowHow, they are given a link to the ‘Readiness for Learning’ survey.  This survey assesses pupils’ self-perception of five core areas including their safety in school and their understanding of how to live healthy lifestyles.  Feedback from the survey allows the teacher and tutor to better understand how the pupil feels about themselves as a learner.  Group feedback provides schools with an understanding of how to tailor pastoral interventions. 

What are the benefits of using PupilKnowHow?


The Education Endowment Foundation finds that digital Technology is most effective when:

  1. it supplements teaching
  2. pupils work collaboratively
  3. organisational factors are strong. 

PupilKnowHow encapsulates all three factors; therefore, we are confident that with regular use and feedback from tutors and teachers, pupils can add an additional 4 months progress.

Offline Learning – Healing the digital divide

Whilst some elements of PupilKnowHow link to external internet sources, most of the resources are contained within the app. Therefore, pupils can download the app and its resources at school and then, when at home, travelling on the bus or sitting in the car, pupils can access learning modules as and when they like – not worrying about Wi-Fi, data or internet access. If updates are required, they can simply bring the device back to school and use school’s Wi-Fi to update – an absolute game-changer for pupils who found themselves left out during lockdown, unable to access remote learning.

Supports Wellbeing, Metacognition and Self-Regulation

Many pupils have been educationally disadvantaged by the national lockdowns, but some more than others. Worse than this, some pupils self-esteem and learning behaviours have suffered, creating even more barriers for learning at school. Our aim with PupilKnowHow is to help pupils improve their relationship with learning by guiding them through modules containing videos, activities, case studies and quizzes that are presented and narrated by peers and provide strategies to monitor and maintain their own wellbeing and learn skills.

Supports Vocabulary Acquisition and Retention

Within the subject specific modules, there are rafts of opportunities to discover subject-related vocabulary. Activities support vocabulary understanding in context and schools and tutors can use opportunities to develop use of vocabulary so it is retained and used long-term.