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Here’s why you’ll love tutoring…

All the things about teaching that you love, without all of the things you don’t!

You’ll finally get the time to really hone in on a small group of pupils; really find out what makes them tick, help them to tear down the barriers to learning and watch them progress rapidly.

Ditch the pointless paperwork, ditch the playground palavers, ditch the staffroom semantics and really concentrate on what matters…the pupils and their learning.

The advantage of small group tutoring is that you can really get down to the nitty gritty….Where are the misunderstandings and misconceptions? What gaps are there in basic concepts? What essential vocabulary is missing? What building blocks need firming up?

You can use your years of teaching experience to ensure that each pupil gains the necessary learning skills, feels successful and grows in self-esteem – everything they need to be a confident learner back in their usual classroom.

Tutoring is hugely rewarding; it gives you the opportunity to focus on changing a young person’s life for the better whilst earning a competitive wage.

Tutoring with SP Tutors for the National Tutoring Programme is not only a chance to contribute positively to your community, but it can provide you with skills and experience for future employment opportunities.

What’s more, you are in control of your working hours so you can fit tutoring around other commitments and responsibilities.

“I’ve always had a passion for education and tutoring means I have the flexibility to choose my hours while still making a really positive impact on a young person’s life. You just can’t beat the feeling of that “click” moment!”


SP Tutors provides training that even the most experienced teachers find beneficial. With access to national experts on Tackling Disadvantage and Research Schools for evidence-informed strategies, we have tailored course modules to fit all interests and requirements.

We will help you to find a tutoring placement but our support doesn’t stop there. We continue to work to:

  • keep you up-to-speed with the changing needs of your tutoring placement
  • facilitate peer discussion so you can share great ideas and offer great solutions
  • guide you on the pastoral needs of your tutoring placement so that positive relationships are formed between tutor and pupil
  • maintain a great relationship between you and the class teacher so that learning is tailored to pupil’s needs – complementing work going on in school
  • grow your confidence, so that you can grow theirs.

“Working for SP Tutors allows me to share my love of Maths and help progress pupils who are struggling, all without the onerous responsibilities and paperwork of being a teacher.”


SP Tutors is recruiting tutors in all subjects and key stages, for both online and face-to-face tuition. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you have KS3/4 Maths experience.

“Unlike most classroom settings, tutoring means you can make significant progress in such a short time. I find it hugely satisfying and rewarding.”